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Budderfly Partners with KE2 Therm For Refrigeration Monitoring And Sustainability


Product Integration Enables Commercial Refrigeration Units to Upload Operational Status to Budderfly’s Cloud to Ensure Peak Efficiency and Avoid Failure

SHELTON, CT, December 1, 2021 – Budderfly, #10 overall and #2 in energy on the 2021 Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies list, today announced a partnership with KE2 Therm Solutions, a leading developer and manufacturer of smart refrigeration controllers. The agreement enables Budderfly EnergyCloud’s learning algorithms to integrate with KE2 Therm’s KE2 Evaporator Efficiency refrigeration controller for the most efficient operation and precise temperature control of refrigerated spaces. Results are displayed on Budderfly’s real-time dashboard where automated alarms are triggered and owners notified if components exceed set thresholds.

Effective operation and control of refrigerated spaces are critical to avoid catastrophic loss of perishable product. A typical walk-in freezer or cooler can hold thousands of dollars of product at any given time. The ability to remotely monitor and control refrigeration systems, and receive proactive alerts will greatly reduce exposure to potential losses.

The resulting integration of KE2 Therm’s technology into Budderfly’s Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEaaS) offering provides convenience stores, education facilities, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), and other organizations with older commercial refrigeration units, a no-cost upgrade to improve system operation and provide real-time monitoring capabilities. With Budderfly’s modifications, the KE2 Therm controllers bring all data into one consolidated Budderfly dashboard to help reduce excessive energy consumption and extend the unit’s lifecycle with—less customer effort and more operational clarity across all monitored units. The added layer of adaptive defrost and temperature control also promotes safety by eliminating hazards such as ice formation on floors and ceilings.

“If an organization is not ready to spend money on new refrigeration equipment, they can cost-effectively upgrade their existing units and get all the benefits delivered by more expensive options,” said Jeff Kavanagh, Vice President of Sales, KE2 Therm. “With our Budderfly EEaaS integration, the ROI can be immediate and in some cases extend refrigeration unit operation well beyond the expected lifecycle.

In addition to monitoring all refrigeration operations in one convenient location, performance can actually be remotely adjusted if signs of significant changes are recorded outside the established baseline. For example, if runtime, fan operation, or compressors are using excessive power, that data will be captured by Budderfly where a qualified technician will make appropriate adjustments to bring energy consumption back to optimal performance. The owner will then be alerted of a possible component failure or if required maintenance is recommended.

"Refrigeration devices often show multiple symptoms of failure long before they actually break down and—excessive power use is a primary indicator,” said  Al Subbloie, CEO, Budderfly.  “Unfortunately a qualified technician is not frequently checking units to address the symptoms as they occur. The KE2 Therm partnership gives our customers a digital technician to monitor refrigeration 24/7, promoting sustainability and energy efficiency."

About KE2 Therm

KE2 Therm Solutions (commonly referred to as KE2 Therm) is known throughout the refrigeration industry as an innovative company that is moving the category to new heights of performance and reliability.  Those who are responsible for refrigeration and desire peace of mind from knowing your refrigeration controls are optimized for peak performance, saving you energy and service costs, while at the same time improving the integrity and shelf life of your refrigerated products should look at KE2 products as solutions.   In addition to developing innovative and patented refrigeration solutions, KE2 Therm is widely known for industry expertise and technical support.  We are passionate about innovative design and product quality, and have the integrity to stand behind the products we create. Our expertise, and extensive background in refrigeration, programming & communication is what makes KE2 Therm Solutions the preferred choice of manufacturers, designers, contractors and restaurant owners throughout the United States and Canada.

About Budderfly

Budderfly is disrupting the energy industry by leading the digital transformation of energy management and consumption conservation through its unique Energy Management Solution. With no cost to its customers, Budderfly implements proprietary energy intelligence software, energy efficiency solutions such as LED lights, HVAC replacements and upgrades, refrigeration controls and monitoring, options for comprehensive maintenance, and much more, that span over 20 savings categories.

Budderfly Facility SmartGrid is a network of patented IoT devices that meter, control, and report on all elements of energy use. Budderfly’s solution optimizes energy usage at the point of consumption within each facility across the enterprise. Budderfly’s ongoing services and proactive maintenance ensure that a building’s energy infrastructure never becomes outdated. The result is significant, immediate, and progressive energy expense savings, upgraded facilities, and a reduced carbon footprint for its client facilities. For more information visit, our blog, or follow us on Twitter @BudderflyEnergy.

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